This is for sure the love of my life!! I am so blessed to
have such a wonderful husband!

we ate at Leilani's, such yummy food and beautiful scenery!
mmm... so romantic!
we played miniature golf and we both got a hole in one!!

the road to hana was such a good drive
it definitely was once in a life time, and i mean
only once! i liked it but it was sooo long! we could have made it to Utah
with how long it took to go around that stinkin island! I liked it
but i will definitely do something else the next time i go!!
snorkeling right next to our hotel was awesome!

This is the view from our room... it was so peaceful
scottie wanted to surprise me and he did a really good job! he had known since April this year that and our anniversary is on August 12th. I didn't find out till we got to the gate that we were headed to Maui!

the story behind this fun little adventure was in fact a troubling one for me ... it all started 2 years ago... i got pregnant with our little lundie and it made it a little impossible for me to go on this wonderful little trip to Maui that scotties family had been planning for his grandparents 50th wedding anniversary... needless to say we had our beautiful little baby girl and then scottie went off to Maui 5 days latter! i know that i told him that he could go buuut i didn't really want him to regardless to say i was very angry and hurt that he would leave me... just after having our baby!! (you can imagine this sad little just had a baby mess mommy, who was only slightly hormonal... yeah right! huh! i just had a baby what did you expect? right... i couldn't control my hormones!)
any way i am so grateful that he loves me soooo much and came
home from his seemed like for ever trip, and had tried since
that day to make it up to me and he for sure did!! gotta love my scottie!!


  1. Maui is so fun! I'm glad you guys got your fun, romantic trip. The road to Hana is cool but crazy long. We had some hilarious moments on that drive. Your blog looks good!

  2. how fun! I'm jealous I love Florida, looks like you guys had a great time and Scottie did a good job making it up to ya :)


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