My little Pony!

my Lighting McQueen car Aunt Pat gave me!

i ate a twix
candy and
caught me!

My John Deer bike!


Milea got to sit on Santa's lap and she told him that she wanted a "Babydolly" it was so cut!!!

We had so much fun on Christmas! Milea didn't wake up until 10 am, which was so nice because we all got to sleep in a little! Plus we had to wait for Grandma, Aunt Leanne, and Uncle Matt to get to our house to open the presents. And it was snowing like crazy so the roads were really not good. While we waited we watched Wall-E

Milea loves to play and eat the SNOW!

Milea was the life of the party!

We made frosty the snow man!


It's Christmas Eve I am so excited for this night and then the morning and then presents!!


Peaceful Day

Today was awesome! I love not working because I get to actually have a relationship with my husband! This Saturday was the second saturday in a little over a year that I haven't had to worry about getting someone to cover my shift! And it felt so good!!

Milea is crazy, she loves to sing and read her books and sing about what is in her books. It makes me smile. Children are such a joy if you just let them be themselves! Exept when they are the boss, thats another story!

I also love making people feel good about themself it is so fun for me to do hair! The other day, since I haven't worked in like 2 weeks, I really got board and I foiled my own hair!! I was pretty happy with the outcome. Yes its not perfect but it will do. Anyways.... Today was a good day!

I hope tomorrow brings me a new baby girl... if not then i will just wait for monday or tuesday or wednesday I'm hoping to skip Christmas day but she could come the next day!




we only had socks to put on Mileas hands so we switched out 3 pairs so she wouldn't be cold.... we couldn't stay outside for very long anyways it was freezing!!


Fun time with Aunt Pat

Sweet Shades
Aunt Pat took us to see the Apache Helicopter!!

Making cookies with Aunt Pat

crazy coloring

Reading stories... Milea wanted Aunt Pat to wear her sunglasses!!

THANKSGIVING... My first big day with some help from my mom

it turned out way yummy!!

our favorite music

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