Lundin is getting bigger already! She has gained a whole pound since her arrival! She is now 8 lbs and 13 oz! Really she has gained more than that cause she lost some then gained it back within the first week and the gained a pound in a week! She's a good eater! They look so different and yet they both have very similar personalities so far... get hungry instantly... potty a lot... and sleep randomly!!They're fun I love them so much. I didn't know you could just automaticly love the next one like the first but I do. She is beautiful! Its hard to figure out the the TWO kid deal... Milea has been sick all week Scottie was out of town all week and it was only me and two kids... WOW! I don't know how my mom did it with 6! Milea would cry and/or poop, so I would be taking care of her right in the middle of that Lundin would start to cry and poop or be hungry it was back and forth all week long talk about exhausting!! Anyways Milea is doing much better and Lundin is learning to live outside the womb! We made it through the week... Scottie is home and I feel releived! I don't know that it will make it eaiser but I sure do feel better that I have my other half home!! And we will just take the days as they come!!


more pictures....

its Night and Day!

Milea loves her little sister!
She cuddled up behind Lunding
and fell asleep.




7lbs 13oz
21 1/4 inches long
She came so peacefully in our home on Sunday morning at 5:26!
Our labor was only about 5 hours! really the active labor was only about 2 and a half. It was the most powerful thing I have ever gone through and the most beautiful at that! I was able to labor in a tub of nice warm water, that was amazing! I looked at the clock at 5 am I knew she was about to come... in that last twenty minutes I could feel her hair and she finally came out! I got to catch her myself! It was beautiful! She didn't cry she squeaked a little.
She is our little Angel!

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