so it has been a little while... its been hard to even get on the computer since little Lundin! i never have anytime any more and when both of the girls are sleeping then i want to sleep cause if i don't then i don't get any sleep because one will wake up and then the other and then its all down hill from there! it has gotten better! i am figuring it all out! it was so easy with one. and now there are 2... agh... it takes a lot of energy and patience thats all im going to say. I love them both so much! Little Lundin is getting so big she has some cute little chubby cheeks! She is starting to smile at us now it is so super cute!! we are very excited for this weekend cause all the family that can come is going to come for her baby blessing! yay!


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  1. You have a blog!!!!??? I came across your blog on Catherine's page and got so excited!!! You new addition is beautiful!!! That is amazing that you were able to do it at home!!! You are amazing!!! I am pregnant, about 4 months now so that is exciting! Congrats and I am glad to see that everything looks great for you!


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